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Ever since I was a kid, when I first flew on a CP Air 737 high over the Canadian landscape, I have been fascinated by airliners and more specifically this airline.  While Canadian Pacific Airlines had a rich and storied history there was very little information scattered out there on the web about the CP Air era of 1968 to 1986.  I decided to make this page as a central point of interest for information about the airline for others who might be curious and to archive as much of its history as possible.

Here you will find the most comprehensive website with information about CP Air.  We have pictures of and data about all of the aircraft in the fleet that wore the orange livery. We have the largest one of a kind collection of complete system timetables with route information. There is also some information on collectibles relating to the airline.  We also have a couple of original TV commercials, scans of the original safety cards from each aircraft type in the fleet and other memorabilia including rarely seen original pictures and drawings from the Canadian Pacific archives.

I would like to thank & and the following photographers:
Caz Caswell/ATI, Mike Head, David Oates, Bob Garrard, Aad Van der Voet, Gary Vincent, John Rendle, A.C. Levesque, Air Nikon, Trevor Ogle, Pierre Langlois, Oliver Stanek, Frank C. Duarte Jr., Ellis M. Chernoff, Den Pascoe, Gerard Helmer, Peter de Groot, Tony Rogers, Tim Rees, Alistair Bridges, A.J. Best, Kjell Nilsson, M. Oertle, Joe Muff and John W.A. MererAll Fleet Data & Specifications courtesy of CP Air Virtual Airlines.  Videos Provided by Ed Conroy.

Additional very special thanks to the following people who have generously donated their time, memories, information and materials or memorabilia to this project:
Brian Ronayne, Wayne Beard, Larry Weisgarber, Tom Tentzerakis, Marlie Kelsey, Roger Collins, Derek Beattie, Franz Metzger, George McBurnie, Nancy Holloway Gunson, Doug Moore, D.M. Bain, Peter Pigott, Roger Shergold, Bill Wood, Patrick Brooks, Rick Tesar, Andrew Sima Jr. & Tommy YYZ.

Finally...this website is dedicated to all past employees of CP Air, who worked within its many divisions, departments and operations to make it a truly world class airline of its time.