CP Air's Fleet of Boeing 737's

The Boeing 737 is the world's most popular commercial jet aircraft. With more than 6000 orders to date and over 5000 delivered, it is the most produced commercial jet airliner of all time and has been in continuous production since 1967. The 737, in its many variants, is so numerous that at any given time, there are over 1200 in the air worldwide. On average, one takes off or lands every 5 seconds.
The 737 was born from the need for Boeing to develop a short range small capacity jet airliner to compete with the BAC111 and DC9 which were already in development. Initial design began in 1964 in consultation with launch customer Lufthansa. Originally the design called for a 60 to 85 seater but with further discussion it was decided that the aircraft would seat 100. The 737-100 made its maiden flight on April 9, 1967 and entered service with Lufthansa in February 1968. Lufthansa was the only customer to order the 737-100 with only 30 being produced. The larger capacity 737-200, a stretch of 6 feet 4 inches over the 100, made its initial flight on August 8, 1967 and was first delivered, to launch customer United, in December of the same year. In 1968 additional variants were offered, the 737-200C, a convertible passenger/cargo version, and the 737-200QC "quick change". Also an unprepared airfield kit was offered. In 1969 the 737-200 advanced model was made available. This version had more powerful engines, redesigned slats and flaps as well as a fully automatic braking system all to improve takeoff and landing performance. The 737-200 remained in production until 1988 with a total of 1114 being built.

CP Air took delivery of its first 737-200 CF-CPB on October 22, 1968. This aircraft was the first to wear the airline's orange livery and the first 737 to enter revenue service in Canada. Through the years CP Air acquired an additional 23 737-200s of various types plus 3 leased aircraft. The 737s were used on routes throughout Canada, the US, Mexico and the Caribbean.
CP Air also had a business commuter airline within the airline called Attache which had 2 leased 737-300's painted in a white and gray livery. It flew between Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax. One other CP 737 had a white livery, a Britannia Airways 737-200 that CP Air leased for a few short months.
CP Air's Boeing 737s were not christened with "Empress" titles like the larger planes in the fleet. Eventually this changed in early 1984 when it was announced the planes would be painted with Empress titles of the names of the bases they normally served.

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