CP Air Interplanetary

One of the many unique marketing promotions CP Air was associated with was Tour of the Universe, a futuristic fantasy space simulator ride located at the base of Toronto's CN Tower in 1986. CP Air News had the scoop on the airline's involvement:
Tour of the Universe, officially opened for business in late January taking upwards of 300 people per hour on flights to the environs of Jupiter. CP Air is a sponsor of the project, and should benefit enormously from the wide publicity that will be generated. The space trip is a world class attraction that took almost 4 years and $12 million to develop.
Reduced to simple basics, it's a 15 minute "flight" in a B747 simulator, with the whole show extended to about an hour when pre-board activities are included. The realism is exhilarating. The simulator, with its 10 video and seven audio systems, pulls off the illusion of a functioning spaceport in the year 2019 with regular flights to Jupiter. Flights to other spots in the universe are under development.
If you're wondering how a rocket blasts off from the heart of Toronto in a conventional ball of flame, well it doesn't. Remember, it's the year 2019. Blast off is accomplished by linear magnetic traction, up the hollow core of the CN Tower.Tour of the Universe is a development by Interactive Entertainment Inc. which has identified 23 other cities around the world as potential space tour locations. They will be operated on a franchise basis and the second is to be opened in Japan this coming summer by the Seibu Co. Canadian Pacific will not necessarily be involved in the international locations as each franchise operator will obtain its own sponsors. A third tour has been proposed for Australia's Gold Coast.Meantime, Toronto is the scene of the action. Admission is $7 for adults, $4 for children and senior citizens. Interactive Entertainment is offering employees and Pionairs of CP Air, Hotels & Holidays a two for one introductory package good March 1 through April 30.