CP Air Virtual Airlines

It has been over 20 years now since you could have flown with CP Air, the airline’s big orange jets long gone but not forgotten. A few storied existing airlines these days sometimes wax nostalgia and paint a few of their current fleet’s aircraft with throwback liveries, a marketing move that allows their passengers or airline buffs the chance to fly in an old paint scheme. Air Canada, the current holder of CP Air’s trademarks and branding has not decided to do this yet but I’m sure they’ve received a few letters over the years. What a thrill it would be to fly in one of those big beautiful orange jets again, even if it wasn't quite the real thing.

While you may not be able to ever fly in one of those planes ever again for real, through the magic of technology you just might get as close as you can and even fly the plane yourself, virtually. Since its initial release back in 1979, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator program has come along way in allowing aviation fans to feel what it might really be like sitting in the cockpit of and flying various types of planes, including airliners. Over the last few years especially advancements in computer processing and graphics have if you can pardon the pun, elevated the experience of virtual flight. A huge flight sim community surrounds Flight Simulator and various user created custom features including detailed aircraft and paint schemes can be added to the experience and CP Air is well represented.

In 2005 some flight simulator, aviation and CP Air enthusiasts banded together to form their own CP Air Virtual Airlines which furthers the realism by trying to simulate as close as possible the real world workings of CP Air. They fly the same aircraft and routes the airline did back when they operated and also use present day aircraft and a modern schedule under the CP Air flag to keep things interesting. It is all there except maybe for those deliciously famous in-flight meals. If you are a flight sim pilot and interested in joining the first class CP Air Virtual Airlines community then definitely check out the website at www.cpairva.com. All the fleet data & specifications on this site is provided courtesy of CP Air Virtual Airlines.